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Sun Chlorella 'A'

Sun Chlorella “A” If there is only one supplement you can take, it should be this. It is 100% natural and contains all the nutrients you would need to keep your body at its optimum best. Our carefully cultivated pyrenoidosa strain is the superior alternative to other harsh, chemically processed and indigestible Chlorella products on the market. Sun Chlorella contains no artificial colors, flavors, or chemicals.

Richly green and potent, Sun Chlorella is a whole food from a lineage of pure green algae that have existed naturally on earth for thousands of years. As Mother Earth’s own Superfood, the powerful combination of nutrients works naturally with your body to nurture your health from the inside out. Click here for more info...

Sun Chlorella Wakasa Gold / Chlorella Wakasa

Wakasa products contain the best of the chlorella cell which is the nucleus, also know as the Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) . It primarily contains RNA, DNA, nucleic acids which in layman's terms known as anti-aging factors.. This is carefully extracted and compounded in a very potent mix of pure water and lemon flavoured or in mix with pure honey. CGF is the main driving force that helps you body renew and regenerate body cells so that we look and function at the optimum best. Deliciously lemon or honey flavored.

Well Well Wow

Well Well Wow! Is an all-natural, convenient sized drink that will supercharge your natural defense system and give you the energy you need to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Containing a proprietary blend of eleuthero extract nature's most powerful adaptogenic herb and Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.) - rich in nucleic and amino acids, this unique combination will safeguard the body's immune system and provide an overall sense of calm and well-being.

Well Well Wow! Is a delicious, refreshing, energizing drink that will melt away the stress of the day - all without the jittery side effects of caffeine and sugar.


Your pet deserves to be kept in the pink of health. It contains not only human grade Sun Chlorella A but Sun Eleuthero which helps to manage their stress levels and lecithin for beautiful fur and skin. Rejuv-A-Wafers is a daily supplement packed with beneficial antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A, plus minerals, protein, beta-carotene, chlorophyll and fibre that will help your pet to thrive to their golden years.

  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Give your pet chlorella’s unique nutrient, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF);
  • Boost your pet’s energy for more walks and playfulness;
  • Give your pet a beautiful glossy coat;
  • Freshen breath so “yucky pet breath” won’t come between you again;
  • Come in an easy-to-eat wafer pets love to snack on – without mess or fuss!

Sun Chlorella Cream

New Sun Chlorella Cream is a luxurious facial moisturiser designed to promote skin that glows from the inside out. Once Japan’s best kept beauty secret, Sun Chlorella Cream is the world’s first facial moisturiser to harness the unique power of chlorella - the natural green algae rich in vitamins and nutrients - to help maintain healthy, youthful skin from the inside out

  • Gives your skin the full spectrum of nutrition found in Chlorella pyrenoidosa – 20 plus vitamins and minerals, plus protein, healthy fats, and chlorophyll;
  • Cleanses with grapefruit seed extract and chlorella’s high concentration of chlorophyll;
  • Protects your skin with clove flower extracts’ powerful antioxidants, more effective against free radicals than Vitamin E;
  • Is paraben and propylene glycol free.

Sun Megami

Megami by Sun Chlorella is specially formulated with the following 4 ingredients to totally protect your eyes.

Astaxanthin from an algae called Haematococcus is a superb anti-oxidant that helps your body rid itself of free radicals that are produced when you subject your eyes to stress. Astaxanthin not only relieves stress to the eyes but generally to the whole body.

Crocetin from Gardenia helps your eyes to heal and repair when there is physical fatigue and eye damage from medical conditions like diabetes or physical trauma. Sometimes even when you rub your eyes hard, you can damage the lens.

Beta carotene harvested from dunaliella, a green marine algae. B-carotene is essential for the healthy development of eye retina and helps macular degeneration. Deficiency in b-carotene causes night blindness and makes it difficult to read when there is not sufficient light.

Eleuthero - an adaptogen that helps calm the nerves and inflammation of the eyes. It is also effective in the management of chronic lifestyle diseases that may cause secondary eye damage. This is extrememly beneficial for students or executives who are exposed to lifestyle and environmental stressors like work or exams.

Sun Chlorella Agaricus

We blended together "Agaricus", a mysterious mushroom which has survived on earth and primitive "Chlorella" which has survived in water.. Both are grown in totally different environment and have different character for your health maintenance. Among said 200 different kinds of Agaricus, Sun Chlorella Corporation uses "Himematsutake Iwade Strain 101"(scientific name: "Agaricus Blazei Murrill"), which has been a main object of scientific studies for its amazing effects such as -D-glucan which we combined with Chlorella Growh Factor to make an extremely potent product as a completely natural alternative food for people under oncology treatment.

Sun Anserine

Sun Anserine is developed by extracting anserine from wild tunas and bonitos with 99% of purines eliminated (fish peptide) These fishes need to swim for long distances while maintaining a very high speed. Anserine is also found in the muscles of some birds.

Combining this with the energized healthy herb—eleuthero, and enclosing in vegetable HPMC capsules for easy consumption. this been said to be of help to people who suffer from skeletal and muscular problems.